Welcome to DeeCan Contractors and Associates Inc.

DeeCan Contractors and Associates Inc is a Guyanese Contracting Company with its founding Principal being a Canadian and brings to the forefron almost 20 years of knowledge in the Construction Industry with the vision of incorporating a wide scale of Local Expertise ranging from Design Archetects, Civil Engineers, Construction Superintendents , Foremen and General skill and unskilled Trades.

At DeeCan , our objective is to deliver no less than what is required by any Job specifications by combining North American Experience with local work conditions and building codes. We believe in longevity of a completed Project be it Roads , Bridges, Culverts, Earth works, Utility Services , Single and Multi Story High Rise Construction .

Our standards of work will be of such as delivers both aesthetics and structural stability to support the Country's vision for development into the century as the general landscape of Guyana emerges into a new Metropolitan Hub.

At this stage we welcome New Projects and are willing to emark on any projects be it small or large. As our website is being developed please access oour emails shown below for contacts and information.